In Google's continued attempt to pull add-on feature ideas from other popular social networks, the company has now announced that new Pinterest-like media boards are coming to Google+.

Rolling out today on PCs and Android, the new Collections features allows users to collate posts, photos, videos and more into themed boards, similar to Pinterest. As of now, the Collections basically look like a typical Google+ page, just organized by topic like this one dedicated to cats. They appear as a traditional post in the Home stream, but will open up to the full board once a user clicks through.

As you're likely expecting, you will also be able to browse through the various collections owned by people you follow on the network. Once you've made your first one, a tab will pop-up on your profile where others can explore and follow your particular Collections. You can follow and browse through public Collections via Google's currently featured collections page as well.

As we mentioned above, web and Android versions are rolling out today, but unfortunately iOS users will have to wait until "later" to go hands on. Google is reminding its mobile users to update the Google+ for Android app in order to access the new feature.