HP has announced a new range of desktop PCs and all-in-ones, and while this wouldn't normally be of much interest, the press releases do list something worth talking about. Specifically, you can kit out these new PCs with Radeon graphics cards from AMD that are yet to be announced, in what looks like an accidental leak from HP.

The Envy and Envy Phoenix are two new, powerful desktop systems from HP that include high-end internals such as Intel Core processors with DDR4 memory (indicating a Haswell-E-class CPU), and large capacity solid states. But on the GPU side, you can choose to include an "AMD Radeon R9 380", which so far hasn't been announced by AMD themselves.

The R9 380 is an option that's listed against Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980, which seems to indicate that it's a high-end equivalent part. Previous rumors suggested the R9 390 or R9 380X would be the flagship GPU from AMD's upcoming line, though there has been a lot of varying information, and AMD hasn't confirmed any details at this stage.

In HP's new Pavillion all-in-one systems you also have the option to include an "AMD Radeon R7 A330" or a "Radeon R7 A360", which are listed as discrete GPUs that can be paired with Intel CPUs. We haven't seen the A prefix for AMD graphics cards yet, so this might be used for notebook-style GPUs that would slot in to slim all-in-ones.

Again, AMD hasn't revealed any information about their 300-series cards at this point, despite several leaks over the past few months. HP's Envy desktops will launch on June 10, while the all-in-ones launch June 28, so we should expect to hear more about AMD's new graphics cards at the start of next month, potentially at Computex or E3 2015.