During this year's annual AdWords Performance Summit, Google made a number of interesting announcements regarding its ad service AdWords. The popular ad platform is responsible for serving up the ads many of us see everyday, along with being one of the company's main revenue sources. 

Many of the changes/additions come in the way of mobile focused content which comes as no surprise as on-the-go devices proliferate world wide. Based on Google's deep insight analysis and user feedback, the company is making the platform much more mobile friendly with ads that cater to finger swipes as opposed to mouse clicks. According to the search giant, more searches take place on mobile devices than anything else in more than 10 major markets globally including the US and Japan, among others.

One such product is called Automobile Ads. The new set-up will provide users with not only more mobile focused ads but also those that cater to the way we search for cars most regularly. According to Google, that generally happens most inside of Google Images, so the new Automobile Ads will instead open up to a carousel of images, rife with links and data that can be accessed via a simple tap.

On top of a new reporting dashboard, automated bidding and categorical targeting within AdWords, it looks as though the in-line Hotel Ads that we starting seeing last month are beginning to appear on mobile as well. Google Compare, the service that allows users to compare car insurance and interest rates, will now support mortgages. Beyond that, there is also some new features within AdWords attribution and some handy cross-device conversion tracking.