Flickr has undergone a major renovation, its third in as many years. The Yahoo-owned image and video hosting site on Thursday rolled out a bevy of new features for both desktop and mobile users.

For starters, Flickr is making it easier to upload content with a new cool called Uploadr. This tool allows users to effortlessly upload images to the company’s cloud from virtually any device. Once in the cloud, the company’s new Camera Roll helps organize everything and presents it just like you’d find on a smartphone.

Perhaps the most impressive new tool is Magic View which can categorize your images by all sorts of variables including abstract, symmetrical, people, landscapes and more. You can even search for specific things such as "a picture of my cat from halloween" and it'll return results. This powerful search algorithm could be a game-changer as it demonstrates just how far image search technology has come.

With the changes, Flickr is hoping to win back some of the market share it has forfeited over the past several years. As Time points out, both Flickr and Facebook had comparable shares of the 20 million or so images shared every day back in 2008. Yet by 2014, numbers had shifted dramatically across the board.

Of the 1.8 billion photos shared each day last year, fewer than 10 million were uploaded to Flickr. Snapchat and WhatsApp accounted for the majority of shares at 700 million each per day, Facebook fielded about 350 million pictures and Instagram handled 60 million.