GIFs have been around for quite some time. On websites, inside of emails, Twitter feeds and other apps, they are pretty much everywhere. While it is, for the most part, as easy as just sliding over to Google Images or some other site to scoop up a hilarious moving picture to send your friends one in an email, it has now gotten even easier for Gmail users.

Google's browser extension system allows for developers to bring us all sorts of interesting add-ons to the apps we use everyday. Some of which you are likely already using, others have the biggest tech companies forking over cash just to avoid them. 

The Giphy for Gmail Chrome extension integrates a GIF search engine directly into your Gmail compose window. Along the bottom of the typical new email window, beside the Send button, you'll find a handy Gliphy icon to access the search engine after installing the Chrome extension.

Head over to the Chrome Web Store and grab the extension for yourself. Then you can send a ridiculous GIFs in all your emails (please don't) even easier than before.