Popcorn Time, everyone's favorite Netflix like torrent streaming service that just won't die, is back at it again with new updates for its illegal service. The service was shut down after legal pressure just about right after launch and then started again by new anonymous developers. After being reopened in several different forms, including a closed-source version, even the new handlers had their domain seized late last year. 

Despite the ongoing struggles, a new site has popped up allowing users to to get the service directly in the browser. While more or less the same as what users have always gotten from Popcorn Time, the service previously required the installation of a desktop app. Several reports suggest the service generally works at this point, but there are many files that don't play properly as you would likely expect. 

There's no telling how long the new site will stay up, but as usual, it will likely just get shut down and moved somewhere else anyway. If free, pirated movies that usually don't work when you want them to are your thing, then you should probably visit the new Popcorn Time in your Browser site.