Automatic Labs, makers of the Bluetooth-powered connected car monitoring device Automatic, have unveiled their second-generation car adapter along with a new app store that'll expand the usefulness of the adapter exponentially.

The new adapter, which plugs into the OBD-II port found on virtually every vehicle sold in the US since 1996, features an improved connector that'll fit better in most vehicles. The sensor also features built-in GPS, Made for iPhone (MFi) certification and now supports dual Bluetooth data streams: one for the Automatic mobile app and another for a third-party app.

The Automatic App Gallery features more than 20 third-party applications designed for all types of drivers. For example, there's an app to help increase your fleet's productivity and safety, apps to help expense your mileage for work, an app from Nest that'll automatically adjust your thermostat on the way home from work, an app to help young teen drivers and of course, apps for gearheads that want to see their car's raw performance data in real-time.

Those interested in creating apps for the platform can do so via the Automatic Developer Platform, available as of writing.

The second-generation Automatic adapter retails for $99.95 and is compatible with iPhone 5 and newer (iOS 7 and above) as well as Android phones running version 4.0 or newer of Google's mobile operating system.

Do note that the three real-time performance apps are only available for iOS as of writing (Android coming soon). You'll also need the second generation adapter to use the performance apps.