Microsoft is currently evaluating a new service called Microsoft WiFi which appears to be a spinoff of Skype WiFi. Here's everything we know on the matter thus far.

News of the service first surfaced when someone stumbled across the website, clearly a work-in-progress. According to Engadget, an earlier version of the site (before word got out and Microsoft changed it) noted that Microsoft WiFi would increase the number of hotspots from around two million to 10 million.

The service will apparently aggregate hotspots from a number of different providers including Boingo, Xfinity WiFi and Gowex in the US as well as access points from BT and The Cloud in the UK. PCWorld also found plenty of access points from Hilton hotels on the coverage map before the site was locked down.

Furthermore, these hotspots would be available to Office 365 Enterprise subscribers as well as those that have purchased a Surface 2 or Microsoft's Work & Play Bundle. It'll work across a number of different platforms - Android, iOS, Mac and Windows - and will connect automatically when in range.

The domain is registered to MarkMonitor which is a brand management company that also happens to own When asked for comment, Microsoft confirmed the service in a statement to PCWorld, saying that it will bring hassle-free Wi-Fi to millions and they look forward to sharing additional details when available.