Building an application is one thing... but have you thought about the server that will house that app? A good server needs to be able to keep up with escalating demand for your popular creation as well as repel cyber attacks. Fideloper will help you become a server expert with their "Servers for Hackers" Elite Training, for just $24.99 - 61% off its regular price.

You'll get six case studies, 12 video tutorials and more than 300 pages of in-depth training that'll have you building and managing a rock-solid server system.

You'll learn how to...

  • Configure your server for multi-tenancy applications & SSL certificates
  • Take advantage of Apache & Nginx's processing and threading models
  • Perform basic & advanced server configurations
  • Understand how to use a load balancer
  • Prevent hacker attacks and learn to use the iptables firewall

With mastery of this training, you can unveil your site or apps, secure from the crashes or denial-of-service alerts that keep many web professionals up at night.

Be sure to get access to this course while you can - the $24.99 price won't last long.