Newly unsealed federal documents pertaining to the investigation of last year's iCloud celebrity nude photo hack reveal the FBI was able to trace the attacks back to two Chicago-area homes.

IP addresses obtained from Apple led authorities to the home of Emilio Herrera on October 16, 2014. According to investigators, one or more computers used at Herrera's residence accessed or attempted to access multiple celebrities' e-mail and iCloud accounts between May 31, 2013, and August 31, 2014.

Authorities allege Herrera's IP address was used to access approximately 572 unique iCloud accounts a total of 3,263 times. There's also mentioned of 4,980 attempted resets against 1,987 passwords although it's not clear if these were related to the celebrity photo incident.

Federal agents raided a second home in which they claim computer(s) there were used to access 330 unique iCloud accounts during the same timeframe. Multiple computers were confiscated from both locations in addition to cell phones, an Amazon Kindle, floppy disks (people still use these?), hard drives and flash drives.

The federal documents name multiple celebrities, though by initials only. One celebrity, identified as "J.L." (presumably Jennifer Lawrence), apparently had an anxiety attack and was visibly shaken during an interview with authorities.

Curiously enough, no criminal charges have been filed as the investigation is said to be ongoing. It's unclear whether the investigation has led authorities to other locations in the Windy City or elsewhere.