Bethesda had a blast hosting its first ever E3 showcase setting a high bar for what's to come later in the week when the conference actually starts. As expected id Software revealed more gameplay of the new Doom (formerly Doom 4, if you're counting). Built on top of the id Tech 6 game engine, Executive Producer Marty Stratton introduced the trailer saying they had identified three aspects that made the foundation of the Doom experience, present and past: badass demons, big f-ing guns and moving really, really fast.

Doom is set to be an unapologetic gory experience – both in single-player and multiplayer. Even though the latter only received a brief demo, it's been anticipated it will come with gameplay modes such as 'domination', 'freeze tag' and 'clan arena'. Also as part of the presentation, Doom SnapMap was unveiled putting an emphasis on user-generated content from the get-go, this will be the game's cross-platform mod creation and sharing tool.

Doom is set for release in spring 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Also watch the official trailer and brief multiplayer demo below...