Even though an increasing number of monitors are being released with a resolution beyond 1080p, gaming monitor alternatives are also focusing on high refresh rates and GPU/monitor synchronizing technologies. AOC is joining the party and has just revealed two new 144Hz FreeSync gaming monitors.

Both monitors use TN panels and offer AMD Freesync support, allowing for a more fluid gaming experience. The G2460PF is a 24-inch model with a brightness that can reach 350 cd/m², while the 27-inch G2770PF has a maximum luminance of 300 cd/m². Both displays also offer 170-degree horizontal and 160-degree vertical viewing angles, as well as 1-ms gray-to-gray response times.

The removable stands included with the monitors are fully adjustable (tilt, height, swivel and pivot). The ports include; Dual-Link DVI, HDMI, DP 1.2a+ (with Adaptive-Sync), 4 USB ports (2.0/3.0 for 24”/27” model, respectively), 3.5mm headphone jack and 2W stereo speakers. Those wishing to utilize the 144Hz refresh rate can do so using either Dual-Link DVI or the DisplayPort input. FreeSync requires a compatible AMD GPU and can only be used via DisplayPort.

Both monitors are only available from AOC's European website and are set for release on September. Release dates and prices for the US are yet unknown, but in the UK the G2460PF is listed as £229 and the G2770PF at £279. This works out to about $360 and $440 at current exchange rates, respectively - making them cheaper than a lot of FreeSync monitors currently available.