On Tuesday, Pushbullet, a free cross-platform app that lets you 'push' content between devices, announced via a blog post they're now also a messenger app. Before the update, Pushbullet coordinated with third party messengers like WhatsAppp to send and receive messages.

With Pushbullet, you can seamlessly send and receive content including links, photos, files, and notifications across two different devices like a desktop computer and smartphone. And now, instead of just being able to share a file with your colleague you can also chat about it in the app. But what does Pushbullet offer over other messenger apps?

Its cross-platform versatility for one. Pushbullet works on Android, iOS, most web browsers, OS X and has a beta Windows application. The Pushbullet community has also made apps that work on Windows Phone, Ubuntu and Blackberry.

Secondly, instead of just exchanging files, which you can easily use file-sharing apps like DropBox for, Pushbullet can place a link from your computer into a phone's web browser. This web sharing feature should be familiar to owners of Macs and iPhones, where you can view open web pages on your Mac in the iPhone's Safari app.

Pushbullet's addition of a messenger function while supporting all major operating systems shows the company aims to be the go-to for discussing and sharing content. Pushbullet has been around since 2012 and has already distributed millions of files -- it's definitely not a service to ignore.

Watch Pushbullet's demo video below.