Remember Lizard Squad? They were the group that took credit for the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that took down both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network shortly after Christmas last year, among other digital crimes.

One of the group's members, 17-year-old Finnish boy Julius Kivimäki (aka "Ryan" and "zeekill"), was recently convicted by a Finnish court of 50,700 counts of cyber-crimes, ranging from harassment and data breaches to fraud. Many of these charges relate to his activities with Lizard Squad, including the attacks on the aforementioned gaming networks last year.

Unfortunately, the only punishment that Kivimäki received for his 50,700 crimes was a two-year suspended sentence. This means that Kivimäki will not go to jail unless he becomes a repeat offender, and will not have to pay any financial penalty for causing millions of dollars of losses to both Sony and Microsoft.

The sentence handed down by the Finnish court doesn't really do much to discourage other people from committing online crimes such as these. Kivimäki was a minor, so he likely received a reduced sentence due to his age, but the fact he was convicted with over 50,700 crimes still doesn't seem to fit the punishment.

Kivimäki is one of several Lizard Squad members who have been convicted, including "obnoxious", a 17-year-old boy from Canada who was charged with a number of offences related to "swatting" earlier this year.