At long last Android will have native support for visual voicemail. Android M, the next major release of Google's mobile OS, will be the first version to offer built-in visual voicemail, according to Android Police. The feature conveniently lists your voicemails in an app so you can listen to or delete them. In Android M, the visual voicemail menu will be accessible from a tab inside the dialer app.

Native visual voicemail has existed in the iPhone's Phone app ever since the original model launched back in 2007 exclusively on AT&T. For Android, carriers have had to offer individually created visual voicemail apps -- which sometimes could cost extra. But now Google is asking carriers to support the upcoming Android M's visual voicemail instead. Only T-Mobile and the French cell provider Orange have jumped on the bandwagon so far. Thankfully, fellow cell networks have months to prepare for the release of Android M's visual voicemail.

Android M, which was unveiled at Google's I/O developer conference, will likely be released in September of this year. Alongside numerous bug fixes, Android M will be equipped with a memory manager, simplified app permissions, a web browser more akin to Chrome, an NFC-enabled payment app called Android Pay, a fingerprint reader system and a power saver named Doze.

Here's a screenshot of Android M's visual voicemail from Android Police.