Ouya was a Kickstarter darling back in 2012, raising over $8 million during their funding period, but when the Android based micro console became a reality it never made the splash that people were expecting. Now it looks like Ouya's days are numbered as the long-rumored sale to gaming company Razer has been confirmed.

While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Razer has paid cash for Ouya's software, and plans to hire away the technical and development teams. The hardware side of Ouya is noticeably absent and it's unknown what will be happening there. Razer seems to be looking at Ouya's tech as a way to help boost its own struggling micro console, the Forge TV. The company will support the Ouya for the next 12 months and will be looking for ways to bring its 200,000 users over to the Forge during that time.

One person who will not be making the jump over to Razer is Ouya's CEO and co-founder Julie Uhrman. She took to Twitter today to announce she was leaving the company. Uhrman says she supports the transition.

Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan says that that the Ouya name will live on "as a standalone gaming publisher for Android TV and Android based TV consoles." So Ouya as publisher will live on but Ouya as developer appears to be dead.

While Ouya was never able to get the user and developer support that they wanted, they were successful in creating a new market that others copied. Now one of those that followed in their footsteps has purchased them. Perhaps Razer will be able to leverage their user base in order to make Ouya's goal a reality.