The past few years have been an eye opener when it comes to online security, what with all the spying and data breaches going on. Indeed, keeping your login and password information straight and secure has become increasingly challenging for companies large and small. But even with all the right precautions sometimes there's no avoiding the weakest link in security: people's habit of choosing easy-to-break, often reused passwords. To that end one Dutch bank is rolling out a potential solution that should help keep you banking secure and your logins easy and painless: voice biometrics.

ING Netherlands has added voice biometrics to their mobile app, allowing users to log into their accounts, check their balance and make payments all by using their voice. The voice biometrics system is provided by Nuance, the same company behind voice-to-text software like Dragon.

The system uses a voice print that's reportedly as unique as a fingerprint in order to measure the characteristics of an individual's speech. By speaking a given phrase, the system is able to match this to your voice print, and grant access without you having to worry about passwords or security questions.

While cards and passwords can be stolen, a voice is not something a hacker typically has access to. The technology is apparently already being used by other banks and government services to reduce fraud, but it's happening behind the scenes so the public isn't as aware.

While voice print identification feels like something out of science fiction, it has officially entered the realm of reality. Something as public as our own voice may not feel as secure as a password, but if the technology can give us both the security we need and the simplicity we want it may be the solution we've been waiting for.