DVD-ROM drive sales will grow significantly in the second half of this year and eat into CD-ROM drive sales, as the devices see a more rapid price decline, according to Digitimes.

PCMag takes a peek to Handspring Treo 600 beta, touted as the next generation Treo (PDA/cell phone hybrid).

KT600 Hits the Streets in the shape of the Epox 8KRA2+, Anandtech takes a look to the board.

RIAA Gets Madster (Aimster) - A U.S. appeals court upheld an injunction against the Madster file trading network this week, ruling that "willful blindness" of copyright violation occurring over its network does not mean it is not liable.

HP is introducing four new Deskjet models, which range from the $39 HP Deskjet 3520 to the $149 HP Deskjet 5650 color inkjet printer.

Asustek unveils SK8N motherboard supporting AMD Opteron and nForce3.

SiS today announced its SiS661FX P4 chipset with integrated graphics and support for 800MHz FSB.