As expected, Samsung is making an effort to boost the fading popularity of its latest flagship phones after a disappointing sales quarter by rolling the price cut ball just ahead of the S6 Edge Plus and Note 5's formal introductions.

The move should help the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge jump back into the spotlight as Apple puts the finishing touches to the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. And it's only fitting that T-Mobile is first to show some generosity to their customers after helping it finally surpass Sprint in the US carrier ranks.

Previously available starting at $680 outright, the non-edgy GS6 now costs $580 on the Magenta carrier. That's of course with 32GB internal storage, which may not be enough for power users given the lack of a microSD expansion slot.

Luckily, the 64GB and 128GB variants are also getting price cuts, the former by 100 bucks and the latter by a cool $200. That actually makes the mid-tier configuration a very impractical purchase, as both the 64GB and 128GB models go for $660 a pop, free of contractual obligations.

Meanwhile, the dual-curved S6 Edge remains an extravagant buy even after price trims, setting you back $680, $760 and... $760 respectively in 32, 64 and 128GB configurations. Why does the "Uncarrier" still sell 64GB variants again?

Hard to say, but it's good to keep in mind T-Mobile offers very convenient installments plans for folks with tighter cash flows. As such, the 128GB Galaxy S6 can be yours sans upfront charges or interest fees by coughing up $27.50 a month for two years, whereas the S6 Edge starts at $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $28.33 for the 32GB model or $31.67 for the 128GB variant.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint: the ball is in your court now. Amazon's too, although over there, you can already score an unlocked S6 for $585.