Apple is confident its next iPhone will be a hit among consumers. The company has reportedly asked suppliers to build between 85 million and 90 million units of its upcoming smartphone by the end of the year according to people familiar with the matter as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

If true, the initial production run would be the largest yet for Apple. Last year, the company initially ordered 70 million to 80 million units - a record at the time - yet even still, getting an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on launch day without a pre-order was no easy feat.

Manufacturing so many handsets in the first production run is a bit risky, especially considering that the new iPhones aren't expected to be as big of a change as the current models were compared to the 5s. Think of it as a "tock" in Intel's "tick tock" release cycle in which it refines the previous year's design.

Rumors suggest the 6s / 6s Plus will include the Force Touch feature found on the Apple Watch as well as an improved camera module. Much of the new iPhones' allure could be centered on the camera as some reports have pegged it as being a huge step forward in terms of mobile photography.

There's a fine line that companies must walk when it comes to production. Producing too many phones means you'll end up with excess inventory that will likely have to be sold at a discount. Make too few handsets and you're going to miss out on sales.