Technically BlackBerry has yet to confirm plans for an Android debut, though the Canadian company's CEO recently suggested that if the platform's security could be improved, it held a definite appeal. Add in the equation rampant rumors of a so-called Venice slider in the works, and it seems only a matter of time.

BlackBerry teased an upcoming slide-out handheld back in March at MWC, though they never said it would run Android, here are some unofficial renders making the rounds.

The device would come packing a 18 MP camera with OIS as shown above.

The display seems tactfully curved, and the horizontal bezels, particularly the bottom one, appears to be slim. Around the back, BlackBerry has chosen a woven texture, whereas the frame seems constructed of some kind of metal alloy. Unfortunately, the physical keyboard is hidden beneath and we don't get a peek at it.

Infering from the images, what we are seeing is BlackBerry Hub running on top of Android. It'll be interesting to see how Blackberry decides to move forward, if a deep Android integration with proprietary BlackBerry apps on top will be enough, or if they go the Amazon route, forking the mobile OS which comes with many sacrifices. Chromecast support at least appears to be guaranteed.

According to evleaks, the BlackBerry Venice is headed to T-Mobile in addition to AT&T once it's released.