We've all heard the lectures - make sure you've got proper surge protection for your pricey electronics in case of a power jolt. Short circuit that doomsday scenario right now by picking up the Aduro 6-outlet, 2-USB port surge protector for just $19, 52% off its everyday price.

WIth the Aduro, you can plug in and power up to seven devices at once, all with the peace of mind that your tech won't fall victim to a random voltage spike. Aduro's safety shutdown technology assures that in the event of a surge, your devices – and your home – are safe from the threat of fire or other damage.

In addition to handling standard 2 and 3-pronged AC cords, the USB ports will juice up and protect all the most popular smartphones and tablets around from Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and more.

For less than $20, it's too inexpensive not to protect yourself. Pick it up now in the TechSpot Store.