It's been a pretty good year for fans of the Resident Evil franchise. The HD remake of the original Resident Evil (which is technically a remake of the 2002 GameCube "REmake") was released in January and now, the second game in the series is getting similar treatment.

On July 29, Capcom's R&D team made a post on the Resident Evil Facebook page asking fans whether or not they'd like to see a Resident Evil 2 remake. The post has since generated more than 25,000 "likes" which, along with various petitions and Twitter campaigns, was apparently more than enough for Capcom to give the project the green light.

Earlier today, producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi from Capcom's R&D Division 1, made it official in the YouTube video seen above. Unfortunately, Hirabyashi didn't provide any details regarding the project although that's forgivable considering it was just approved by higher-ups.

As such, it'll likely be a while before we hear any more on the matter but there's plenty more to keep franchise fans entertained in the interim. Resident Evil 0, a remastered version of the Resident Evil prequel for Nintendo's GameCube in 2002, was recently announced and is slated to arrive next spring.

Remakes (especially movies) are becoming a bit overdone these days although I'm sure diehard fans won't mind replaying classic Resident Evil titles with enhanced graphics and sound.