One of the benefits of LastPass Premium is the ability to sync login credentials across all platforms including mobile devices. This handy feature comes at a cost - $12 per year, to be exact. That's not a ton of money but then again, it's not free, either.

Considering that many people now rely solely on a smartphone or tablet for Internet access, LastPass is now offering an alternative that allows you to use the service on mobile absolutely free... but there's a catch.

New LastPass users can indeed use the service via mobile free of charge - the catch being that they need to start using it on mobile. So, wherever you get started, you can use LastPass on that device and any others of the same type - desktop, tablet or smartphone - for free.

It's a smart move on LastPass' part. Now, mobile-only users have a free option that works for them without diminishing LastPass' Premium membership benefits (after all, they are a business and the goal is to make money).

As I mentioned, stepping up to the Premium membership allows you to sync across any device and any platform as often as you'd like. It's still the ideal option for security-conscious individuals of both desktops and mobile devices. There's also an Enterprise tier at $24 per year, per person should you need to protect your entire workforce.