Capcom has announced a new Resident Evil physical disc bundle that’ll include remastered versions of both the original Resident Evil and the upcoming prequel, Resident Evil 0.

As you may already know, the HD remake of Resident Evil launched this past January, selling more than a million copies by mid-April. Purists will point out that the remake is actually based off the 2002 GameCube “REmake” of the original and includes a few additional story details but I digress.

Resident Evil 0, another title from 2002, explores the events leading up to the mansion incident in the original 1996 game. In it, gamers are able to switch between two playable characters – S.T.A.R.S. officer Rebecca Chambers and convicted ex-soldier Billy Coen.

In addition to the bundle, Capcom also revealed that Resident Evil 0 will include a “Wesker Mode” which lets you play as Albert Wesker, one of the central characters of the series. Wesker will replace Coen in this mode and will play alongside Chambers, we’re told.

The Resident Evil Origins Collection is set to launch in January on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC priced at $39.99. It’s worth clarifying that Resident Evil 0 will also be available as a standalone digital download for $19.99 should the bundle not interest you.