When traveling with your devices, it usually feels like you've got an octopus stashed away in your computer bag. Charging cords for your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, your peripherals, different connectors for each... untangle those cables forever all around the globe with the super-handy Twist Plus+ Charging Station, now just $34.99 in the TechSpot Store.

Just attach the Twist Plus to any Macbook power adapter and you've got room to juice up four USB-compatible devices at the same time. A universal AC power outlet makes this the perfect companion for international travelers, tested to work in over 150 countries worldwide.

The Twist Plus also sports its own built-in fuse protection to make sure a rogue surge doesn't put your device out of commission permanently. With the Twist Plus, you'll immediately get up to five devices charging seamlessly, with no fear of mismatched connectors or power fluctuations.

At an ultra-light 0.39 pounds, the Twist Plus is the perfect travel bag accessory for quick on-the-go efficiency... and at 33% off, now is the time to grab with compact powerhouse.