Capcom is working on a new team-based, third-person competitive multiplayer shooter set in the Resident Evil universe.

Umbrella Corps takes place well after the Raccoon City incident. Despite falling in 2003, the Umbrella Corporation's legacy of bio-terrorism persisted. Those interested in bio-weaponry have hired squads of special forces for experimental battles in virus-infected areas against other mercenaries. This backdrop serves as the plot and setting for the game.

Built on the Unity engine from Unity Technologies (no relation to Capcom Unity), Umbrella Corps will feature a number of different online play modes. One Life Match mode, for example, pits players against opposing forces in a quick match where you only have one life.

The game differs from other shoots as you have to contend not only with your human opponents, but classic Resident Evil enemies prowling the map. An array of guns and grenade weaponry - and some less traditional gear - will help deal with hostiles.

The Brainer is described as a powerful melee axe that goes straight through the skull. The Tactical Shield lets you use a zombie as a shield while Terrain Spikes are boots with giant spikes that let you smash your enemies' brains in (or out?). Predictably, the Zombie Jammer repels zombies.

Capcom says the game's analog aim and cover system allow for precise control when using firearms behind cover

Umbrella Corps will land on PlayStation 4 and PC sometime early next year priced at $29.99.