Google Glass has fallen completely off the radar since the product was first released to budding 'Explorers' over two years ago, mostly due to a waning interest by the public. Behind the scenes, however, Google are continuing to develop and refine the hardware under a new name: "Project Aura".

Google's new name for Glass is somewhat confusing considering the company already has "Project Ara", a development team attempting to produce a modular smartphone. Luckily Google's internal project names usually never end up as the final product names, so when new Project Aura hardware is released, we could still see it fall under Google Glass branding.

The Project Aura management team is largely the same as it was previously, with Ivy Ross leading the project, reporting to Nest Labs CEO Tony Fadell (Nest being owned Google's parent company, Alphabet). The group has decided to hire some new engineers, though, many of which have come from Amazon's Lab126 hardware division.

Lab126 was the team responsible for Amazon's Fire Phone, which was such a monumental failure that the company had to fire many of the people who worked on the project. Google ended up hiring many of these employees, and it appears they are now working on future Glass hardware.

We haven't seen a new developer version of Google Glass since a minor revision was launched mid-2014. Some reports have indicated an "Enterprise Edition" is currently being sold to a handful of companies, although this has been kept quiet by Google and the Glass team.

It's still not clear when Google plans on releasing a consumer version of Glass, if a consumer version is still in the works. Considering the wearable is still in development, more Glass hardware can't be too far away.