Apple reportedly met with officials from California's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) last month to talk autonomous cars.

Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal Mike Maletic, a senior legal counsel at Apple, met with multiple representatives from the DMV. When asked by the publication to comment, the department said only that the meeting with Apple was to review its autonomous vehicle regulations.

In August, the Guardian revealed that Apple had reached out to officials from GoMentum Station earlier this year. A former military base in Concord, California, GoMentum Station is home to roughly 20 miles of paved roadway, making it a perfect proving ground for autonomous vehicles.

California is leading the charge into the unknown realm of autonomous vehicles. The state has been tasked with developing self-driving vehicle regulations for public roadways. Those rules were expected to be ready by the start of 2015; unsurprisingly, they're running behind schedule. Once complete, the rules will likely be adopted nationwide.

Thus far, the state's DMV has issued permits to 10 companies that allow them to test their vehicles on public roads. If - or more likely, when - Apple is interested in joining the fray, they'll have to shed the veil of secrecy the company is known for. Companies that apply for permits must disclose information regarding the vehicle, its autonomous features and test driver information.