'Raw deal' on printer ink - An interesting read indicating how easily printer manufacturers get to cheat when it comes to selling ink cartridges. Generic all the way!

Spammer to repay customers - We don't hear stuff like this everyday so enjoy: An e-mail spam operation that promised people cash for stuffing envelopes at home will refund more than $200,000 to settle federal charges that it deceived consumers, regulators said Wednesday.

A consortium of Japanese manufacturers today released the basic specifications for high definition digital video recording, more details at the Inq.

A representative for the bands The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica said they are refusing to make their music available as individual (song) downloads on Apple's iTunes online music store.

U.S. dissatisfied with Microsoft licenses - The U.S. Justice Department told a federal judge on Thursday that Microsoft still hasn't fully complied with a key provision in its landmark antitrust settlement with the government.