GoPro has today announced yet another action camera to bolster their extensive line-up; this one, the GoPro Hero+, falling towards the budget end of the scale.

The $199 Hero+ slots into GoPro's current line-up between the cheapest camera on offer, the $129 Hero, and the mid-range $299 Hero+ LCD. The extra $70 on the base model gets you all the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as the Hero+ LCD, just without the touchscreen-equipped display for viewing video and controlling the camera.

The connectivity options available on the Hero+ allow you to use a smartphone to control the camera, frame shots through a live viewfinder, and share videos. While controlling and previewing the camera's output through a smartphone isn't as convenient as having a display on the camera itself, it's better than having no live preview or playback options at all, which is what you'd get from the base model Hero.

Aside from the connectivity options, the Hero+ uses the same sensor as the Hero+ LCD, meaning you'll be able to record up to 1080p video at 60 frames per second and capture 8-megapixel stills. This is a decent upgrade on the Hero's 1080p30 video and 5-megapixel still capabilities, while both cameras are submersible in up to 40m of water.

The Hero+ will go on sale for $199 on October 4th. Meanwhile, GoPro has cut the price of the ultra-compact Hero4 Session to $299 from $399, placing it in competition with the Hero+ LCD and making it a much more appealing device for those who want better image quality at the expense of a display on the camera.

The Hero4 Silver ($399) and Hero4 Black ($499) remain unchanged at the top of GoPro's line-up.