Google is preparing to expand its Pixel brand, currently reserved for high-end Chromebooks, to tablets. Android Police has it on good authority that Google's next tablet will adopt the Pixel brand.

Codenamed Ryu (apparently Google is a Street Fighter fan), the Pixel C will reportedly consist of a 10.2-inch display (308 PPI and 500 nits of brightness). It'll be pushed by Nvidia's X1 quad-core chip with Maxwell graphics alongside 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Much like the 2015 Pixel refresh, look for it to include a USB Type-C connector.

Interestingly enough, the device will be powered by Android, not Chrome OS. The latter has gained a lot of momentum as of late, but at least initially, Google will lean on its proven workhorse out of the gate.

Like the Chromebook Pixels before it, the Pixel C tablet will feature premium building materials and a great looking display. The publication described it as looking like an existing laptop, just without the keyboard.

Google is said to be prepping two keyboard accessories, one built from aluminum and another of leather. Both boards will attach directly to the tablet and charge when closed.

Something else the Pixel C will share with its Chromebook brethrens: price. While numbers haven't been disclosed yet, we're told to expect a fairly expensive price point.

Google could announce the Pixel C as early as tomorrow alongside the new Nexus smartphones. Look for it to arrive sometime in November.