Go90, Verizon's new mobile video streaming service, is now live. The service, whose name is based on rotating a device 90 degrees to landscape view, offers a mix of traditional TV content, concerts and online video targeting a younger demographic.

As of today, the service features around 8,000 TV episodes and clips including more than 35 exclusive original series. Verizon said it expects to nearly double its original series count by the end of the year.

The wireless provider has recruited plenty of high-profile partners including Comedy Central, ESPN, Food Network, NFL Network, Discovery, VH1, MTV, SPIKE, Adult Swim, TLC and BET, just to name a few. Users can also expect live sports coverage, we're told.

Rather than seeking the most exposure for the service by offering it across streaming media devices, connected televisions and desktops, Verizon is limiting access to mobile devices - specifically, Android and iOS. The strategy seems to be to increase data consumption on mobile devices which may translate to increased revenue from data plans and overages.

The service, first launched into beta last month, is available free of charge through an ad-supported model using AOL's ad-tech platform.

I've yet to try the app out but given its free nature and seemingly decent content partner lineup, it could very well end up being a useful resource, especially for cord cutters.