Starting today, you can buy domain names that end in things such as .coffee or .guru or .social (or a whole lot of others) using Google Domains. The web service, which is still in beta, was originally just for purchasing and setting up website domain names, but now they're adding some other features.

For $5 per user per month, you can get email addresses that feature your domain names with Google Domains, as well as access to Google Apps for Work (Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.) Google chief information officer and vice president Ben Fried announced this in a blog post. Also, it will now be easier to change the person in charge of a given domain name.

Integrating Google Apps for Work is a way for Google to bring in more people to its web services. Gmail as a standalone service is hugely popular, but Google Apps fall behind advertising in how much revenue they generate. The updates to Google Apps and Google Domains can be seen as a diversifying component for the company.

Back when Google Domains was launched, in June 2014, other similar services saw their stock prices drop. So even though domain management isn’t Google’s flagship service, they have been able to make an impression.

Read the full list of new top-level domains (TLDs) to see what cool one you might snag. is calling my name.