AT&T announced a new feature called NumberSync earlier this week that will allow customers to use a single phone number for all of their connected mobile devices. In true monkey see, monkey do fashion, both Sprint and T-Mobile have since pledged similar features.

In a statement provided to Re/code, Sprint said it is exploring offering a service that would allow a customer's smartphone, tablet and other devices to share a single phone number.

T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert told the publication that what they are working on will make AT&T's initial offering look small. He added that their strategy is to ask customers what they want and need and then build it. Unable to resist an opportunity to take a jab at one of its rivals, Sievert quipped that AT&T's strategy is to build or buy things and then try to convince customers they asked for it.

Neither carrier provided any additional details regarding their respective feature which could very well indicate that they weren't working on such a feature before AT&T's announcement on Wednesday.

AT&T's NumberSync will be free of charge and works at the network level meaning there are no location-based restrictions associated with its use. The first device to support the feature is coming "soon" with additional devices expected to arrive before the holiday season.

Handset makers can add support for NumberSync via software update.

Photo courtesy Reuters