Taking online surveys in exchange for money or some other benefit is a strategy that's been around for decades now. The majority of such offers can safely be categorized as scams although AT&T's latest promotion is one of the few exceptions. Whether or not it's worth your time, however, will be for you to decide.

In partnership with Aquto, the wireless carrier has launched an app for Android and iOS users called Data Perks. In it, you'll be able to perform tasks such as taking surveys, shopping and signing up for subscriptions in exchange for data that can be transferred to your wireless account.

AT&T says subscribers are allowed to transfer up to 1,000MB to their wireless account each month to use within the current billing period. The fine print further specifies that transferred data is used and expires within the billing period transferred meaning it does not roll over to subsequent months. What's more, earned data is only for domestic use and only post-paid accounts are eligible.

As Android Police points out, most offers net 25MB or 50MB. It's possible to earn larger buckets of data although those offers typically involve buying or subscribing to something.

Loyalty programs are a popular way for advertisers to generate interest in a particular product or service while simultaneously coaxing users to spend more time and money on an offer than they normally would. If you typically run just over your data allotment on a regular basis, AT&T's Data Perks program might be worth a try.