If pulling the credit card out of your wallet is beginning to feel like too much of a hassle, MasterCard has your back. The credit card company is making efforts to turn each new gadget into a credit card capable of making payments. The Verge reports that MasterCard is launching a new program that will help tech companies enable things like smart jewelry, car keys, fitness trackers and more to make payments.

Most new smartphones already have this capability with programs such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. MasterCard's plans have a wider scope --- they want you to be able to forget the physical card and pay with whatever you're already wearing.

To start, MasterCard has partnered with a few companies and they already have prototypes ready. There is GM's key fob, Ringly's smart ring, and Nymi's smart wristband. And they all come with MasterCard's wireless payment technology ready to go.

If you're interested, it might be a good idea to get a Capital One MasterCard because they are the only ones that will be supported on these devices, at least at first. If the program is successful MasterCard will assuredly open it up to others. The first credit card replacement products will arrive in the U.S. next year, and your only decision is whether you'll keep the actual credit card in your wallet or leave it at home once you have a wristband or key fob that will do its job.

Image Credit: Valeri Potapova / Shutterstock.com