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openai tiktok china ccp-controlled

Sun Microsystems co-founder supports forced TikTok sale, calls it China's "programmable fentanyl"

"Spinach for Chinese kids, fentanyl - another chief export of China's - for ours"
A hot potato: Joining the list of people who support the US government's attempt to force ByteDance into diversifying TikTok is Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla. The OpenAI backer didn't hold back when talking about the popular short-form video platform, noting that it could be weaponized by a foreign adversary. He also called the app programmable fentanyl whose effects are under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
ftc esrb coppa facial recognition age verification

FTC denies rating board's suggestion for age verification system

Editor's take: The ESRB has one job: rate games by maturity level based on content. So why did it involve itself in a proposal to add a new age verification system for parents to use to provide consent for data collection on their children? All that did was confuse the public about what facial age estimation is and how it would be used, leading to it getting shot down by the FTC.
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