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Wendy's will spend $20 million on digital menus to introduce customers to "dynamic pricing"

Imagine this: You are standing in line at a fast food restaurant, looking at the menu to decide what to order. You decide on a plain burger for $4. The queue finishes one order, so you move up, then notice your burger now costs $4.20. The line moves again, and now it's $4.40. There are still five more customers ahead of you. What do you do?
borderlands movies film lionsgate with video

Borderlands trailer fails to instill blockbuster confidence

Casting department shredded franchise authenticity for big-name recognition
Full disclosure: Throw everything you know about Borderlands out the window if you want to enjoy the film adaptation. I absolutely love the entire cast – just not for this movie. Granted, I only have its first trailer to go on, but unless it's set some 30+ years in the original game's future, the casting makes zero sense.
pcs intel consumer electronics history retro auction vintage intel 8080

Two of the world's first desktop PCs discovered during routine home cleaning

Only three of the Intel 8008-powered Q1 PCs are known to still exist
In a nutshell: Even in this connected era where anything of value already seems to be on eBay, amazing discoveries are being made. In London, a routine house cleaning by a waste company uncovered two of the world's first desktop PCs, released back in the early 1970s, of which only three are known to still exist today.
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