Google has announced that they're getting back into the podcast game with Google Play Music Podcasts, allowing users to listen to their favorite shows and find new shows based on their mood and interests.

The blog post announcing Play Music Podcasts doesn't shed much light on what the service will include. Google states that they plan "to start offering podcasts on Google Play Music", which suggests the podcasts will be available from within the Play Music app, rather than through a standalone application.

Google also says that podcasters in the US can begin uploading their shows through a new portal, with the company already working with "more than a dozen of the most popular podcasters and networks" to bring their content to Play Music Podcasts.

It's not clear when Google will launch Podcasts through Google Play Music, as the company only says they will have more details to share in the next few months.

This isn't the first time Google has created a podcast distribution platform. Google Listen used to collate audio RSS feeds and play them on your Android device, which made it a decent service for podcast consumption. Unfortunately, Google killed Listen in August 2012, and has since been without a podcast platform.