It's no secret that GoPro is working on "the ultimate GoPro accessory": a consumer-oriented quadrocopter that is set for release in the second half of next year. The drone will be equipped with a physical stabilizing rig, and of course, a top-end GoPro camera.

GoPro has today released some early footage from their drone on their YouTube channel, and the consensus is that it's very impressive. Image quality is great as the drone maneuvers around a farm and through a forest, but the most eye-catching aspect is the incredible stability that is achieved in each shot.

The video claims that no post-production stabilization was used to achieve these shots, which points towards a very effective stabilization rig being used on the drone. Of course GoPro could also simply be flying their drone with precision and expertise to remove any bumps and jolts, but some stabilization would still need to occur to get footage this smooth.

One thing that can also be gathered from this footage is that it tops out at a 1440p resolution, not 4K like several other drones on the market. GoPro could inevitably equip their drone with a higher resolution camera, and it's quite possible this will happen considering the drone in its current incarnation is just a prototype.

There's still a long time to wait before GoPro's quadrocopter is available to the general public, with a release slated for the second half of 2016. However it could be worth the wait for aerial photography enthusiasts, judging by this early footage.