The world can be divided into two types of people: those who are on Twitter, and those who aren't (and probably want nothing to do with the social media site.) It's not just that some people don't understand Twitter, it's that they don't want to understand Twitter. And Twitter's TV ad for their new Moments feature sums that difference up perfectly.

The 30-second commercial, which aired during the World Series on Fox, shows video clips and photos with Tweets overlaid on top. And a dancing dog Gif and a superhero cape drawn onto the Blue Jay's center fielder Kevin Pillar as he makes a diving catch. If you're a Twitter fan, you might have enjoyed the commercial. After all, what is Twitter but a jumble of entertaining content? And if you didn't like it, at least you got to complain about it on Twitter. If you aren't on Twitter, this commercial probably did nothing but confuse you.

What's not mystifying is the reason behind the commercial. Twitter is facing a problem with user growth, and throwing a plea for new users in front of a big American audience isn't a bad idea. You would just think that for an ad that's supposed to appeal to a mainstream audience, Twitter would have made their pitch painstakingly clear.

Just from a watchability standpoint, the commercial is hard to follow. I felt like I had to decide between watching the visuals or reading the words, and then the commercial was over. Maybe Twitter hoped people would see it a few times over the course of the World Series and it would pique their interest. We'll see.