The day has come when Android users can have their own slice of the Apple Music pie. TechCrunch reports that a beta version of the Apple Music app launches today on Android. It's only the second Apple program on Google's mobile platform - and it's quite a bit different in philosophy than the first one which was the "move to iOS" app.

Android users get the same three-month trial that iOS users got, but while in beta there will be some missing features and upgrades (such as music videos.) The app is designed to look and feel like a standard Android app because Apple says they want Android users to be comfortable with it, and not feel like their device got iOS-ified. The app also works with For You, New, Radio and Beats 1, Connect and My Music, so the library you've built on your Android phone won't be ignored.

For now, you need a Mac or iOS device to sign up for a family membership. The app requires Android version 4.3 or better, and it's a 29MB download. Once the three-month trial ends, Apple Music costs $10-per-month. And a funny tidbit in the TechCrunch story is that if you buy an Apple Music Subscription in the Android app, Google gets 30 percent of that transaction.