If you want to jazz up your Facebook Messenger conversations, and money is no problem, look no further than the startup PicoCandy. TechCrunch reports that the company's third-party Messenger app now offers unofficial sticker packs for sale.

Correction: Earlier this article suggested that Facebook was making money from PicoCandy's stickers, but this is not true. PicoCandy is using Messenger's open platform to sell unofficial stickers as an in-app purchase.

Right now PicoCandy offers nine sticker packs for sale through its app. If you look around you can find some free ones and a whole lot of stickers from McDonald's. Facebook has made deals in the past to have exclusive brand-oriented stickers - Lego stickers, Despicable Me stickers - but continues to keep their Official Messenger stickers free.

A popular messaging service in Asia, named Line, earned $10 million per month by selling stickers to its 230 million users in 2013. Line's average revenue per user has continued to increase since then, even as its user growth has slowed.

230 million users is just a drop in the Facebook bucket - their user base is 1.5 billion globally - so if they ever do start monetizing Official Messenger sticker packs, there's a lot of potential money to be made.