Microsoft began rolling out its fall Xbox One Experience update alongside the first major update for Windows 10 last week. The feature-packed update included backward compatibility for more than 100 Xbox 360 games, a revamped OneGuide for media and a new community section that brings additional social aspects to the console, among others.

Lost among the sea of new features was an important one that fans have been asking for: button remapping.

Astute readers may recall that Microsoft announced button remapping as one of the key features of its Xbox Elite controller back at E3. That gamepad went on sale late last month albeit at the premium price of $149.99. Now, gamers can remap the buttons on any Xbox One controller (including first-party wireless and third-party wired models).

Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb, known by many as Major Nelson, said standard controller remapping can be accessed in three ways through the new Xbox One Experience:

  • Settings / Kinect & Devices / Devices & Accessories
  • Settings / Ease of access / Button mapping
  • Launch the Xbox Accessories app directly

There are a few restrictions imposed on standard controller remapping. For example, you can only swap button pairs (if you map LB to X, then X is automatically mapped to LB), thus maintaining that all buttons are always mapped to something. What's more, button remaps aren't transferrable to other consoles.

The Xbox One Elite controller, however, requires that just two buttons be mapped somewhere on the controller. Users can also have multiple buttons mapped to the same function and because remapped settings are stored directly on the controller, they can travel to any console.