Microsoft on Monday announced a new Xbox One bundle that'll include a new type of hard drive and a customizable controller.

The Xbox One Elite bundle includes a 1TB solid state hybrid drive. As you may know, such drives employ a small amount of flash-based storage that handles frequently-accessed data for improved performance. Microsoft says the new drive enables the system to wake from its energy-saving mode up to 20 percent faster.

True to its name, the bundle also includes an Xbox Elite wireless controller.

First unveiled during Microsoft's E3 briefing back in June, the Elite controller affords what Microsoft calls pro-level customization. It offers swappable thumbsticks and D-pads of varying shapes and sizes, interchangeable paddles, hair trigger locks and more. There's even a companion app that allows you to adjust trigger values, thumbstick sensitivity, button assignments and so on.

The controller alone will sell for $149.99 when it goes on sale in October.

The console itself will feature a matte black finish that should contrast the Elite controller nicely. And while on the subject of controllers, Microsoft announced a special edition Lunar White wireless controller. Unlike the Elite, the special edition is a standard model with a contrasting white, black and gold color scheme.

The Xbox One Elite bundle goes on sale worldwide starting in November for $499. It's worth noting that it'll be sold exclusively at GameStop and Microsoft Stores through the month of November. The special edition Lunar White controller, meanwhile, will command $64.99 exclusively at GameStop as of late September.