Google is starting to roll out a major redesign for their social network, Google+, that focuses on making the site a great place for users "to keep up with and talk about their interests".

Google+ now features an entirely new navigation system that's centered around two sections: Collections, and Communities. Collections is an area of the site where users can find information and new content on whatever interests them, while Communities is a place to discuss interests and topics in a group with other users.

As an example, Google highlights the new Game of Thrones community as a great place for Google+ users to visit when they want to chat about the popular TV show. When they want to see a variety of content about surfing, users should head to the new collection of content on that topic.

The redesign also focuses on making Google+ easier to use across the board. The home stream has been overhauled to make it easier to view and discover content, while posting content to the network has been simplified as well. Part of the redesign also makes Google+ load faster on a variety of devices.

The new Google+ experience should be available now to most users on the web, and if you don't like it, you can toggle back to the old interface if you so choose. Updated Android and iOS apps will also be rolling out shortly that bring the new design to smartphones and tablets.