Microsoft released the first major update for Windows 10 earlier this month. Power users or those that were otherwise too impatient to wait on the update to arrive automatically via Windows Update were invited to use Microsoft's free media creation tool to download and install the update manually.

As Ed Bott of ZDNet discovered this weekend, however, that option is no longer on the table.

Microsoft has removed the installer files for the update from its Windows 10 download page. The media creation tool is still offered although as Bott points out, it now installs the July 2015 release of Windows 10 (the one that was offered at launch).

A single sentence on the download page is the only indication that the November update is no longer offered as a standalone download.

A spokesperson for the Redmond-based company responded to the publication's original story, verifying that the update was originally available via the media creation tool but they've since decided that future installs should be through Windows Update. The rep added that people can still download Windows 10 using the tool if they wish but that the November update will be delivered exclusively via Windows Update.

It's unclear what led to Microsoft's sudden change of heart and even stranger why they opted to disrupt the current release instead of simply making subsequent releases available exclusively via Windows Update.

Either way, the change isn't likely to affect all that many people as most will simply opt to have Windows Update do the work as the rollout progresses.