Austin-based software design and development firm Chaotic Moon Studios is exploring ways to make wearable technology more personal through an art form commonly used to express individuality - the tattoo.

Dubbed Tech Tats, the company's temporary tattoos utilize electroconductive ink to create actual circuits right on top of your skin. The tattoos work in conjunction with a tiny microcontroller, ambient light sensors and even LEDs to create experiences that go well beyond what a typical fitness tracker is capable of.

Chaotic Moon Studios Creative Technologist Eric Schneider said they're currently looking into applications in the financial and medical fields.

Schneider believes Tech Tats could replace the bulky wallets used to carry our debit cards, credit cards and IDs. Similar to the contactless payment systems that are gaining adoption, one could simply wave their arm instead of a smartphone or smartwatch to authorize payments at kiosks. In a hospital, for example, patients could wear a Tech Tat that discretely monitors vital signs without being tethered to wires and bulky medical equipment.

Outside of practical applications, there are plenty of non-discrete use cases that come to mind including hi-tech cosplay and truly awesome Halloween costumes.

Chaotic Moon Studios said it is excited to bring its technology to the marketplace in the near future.