If, like me, you're one of those people who have a myriad of various files, photos and other documents cluttering up Google Drive, then you'll be pleased to know that Google has rolled out an update to make finding what you need a lot easier.

Google's "new search experience" for its cloud-based storage system lets users narrow searches down to a particular file type - such as PDFs, text documents and photos - from the search box on Android, iOS, and the Web.

The update will also let users open advanced search tools right from the search box, where they can look for a file based on the date it was modified, the words it contains, or with whom it was shared. It will even be possible to search for shared files by owner using their name or email address.

"Several behind-the-scenes improvements give your search queries even better results than they did before," said Google Drive Group Product Manager, Steen Andersson, in a blog post. "This is all part of an ongoing effort to make Drive the easiest place to find your files."

Additionally, iOS users can access recent files directly from the home screen using 3D touch, as well as being able to perform searches using the iOS search bar without having to launch the Drive app itself.

Google says the new features are rolling out now and should be available to everyone who uses Drive on the web, iOS and Android platforms over the coming weeks.