Yahoo launched its redesigned Mail app back in October. One of its standout features was the ability to aggregate mail from other services although at launch, only AOL, Hotmail and Outlook accounts were supported. Google's Gmail was notably absent from the list... until now.

Accessing Gmail via Yahoo won't be a limited experience. In a Tumblr post announcing the new feature, Senior Product Manager Shiv Shankar said Yahoo mail users will be able to search across their entire history of e-mails from day one for all connected mailboxes (versus some apps that only show the most recent e-mails).

Shankar noted that Yahoo Mail syncs every single action across all mailboxes such as moving messages between folders, deleting e-mails, marking them as read and so on. And when composing a message, you'll be able to select which account it gets sent from despite the fact that you're using Yahoo.

You're probably asking why anyone would want to use Yahoo to check their Gmail inbox (or any other inbox, for that matter). Frankly, I'm not sure. Perhaps you really like Yahoo's redesigned app or have a desire to aggregate multiple accounts into one easy-to-manage destination. Whatever the reason, it is there if you want it.

Gmail support in Yahoo Mail is available globally today via the Yahoo Mail app and on the desktop. To connect your Gmail account (or any other), simply visit the Account Settings section.